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This is a free portal where anyone can find the answers to those computer-related problems that plague us all - just ask luci below!

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Support Tickets

Start here! Raise a support ticket on our local helpdesk and we will work behind the scenes to find an answer to your problem, else we then put out an s.o.s. on your behalf by turning this into a 'burning' issue.

Hot List

This is the place to both pit your wits and put your own great skills to the test. Many an oustanding issue that had previously been left to confound others can now be adequately addressed here with your help.

Hall of Flame

This is where your name is put on display, up on the billboard or in the spotlight so to speak, having done someone else a great courtesy in resolving their problem.


Check out these amazing features and see how you benefit!

Awesome assistance

Get the help that you have always needed but could never reliably receive. Feel free to check the knowledge base to find those common answers to known problems or raise a support ticket for assistance. You benefit from the receiving of help from both the traditional and the most unlikely of sources - a kind of new synergy for all!

Extended support

Contribute to the pool of knowledge by giving your own pearls of wisdom to help others less knowledgeable or fortunate than yourself. The benefit is that nice feeling of satisfaction you get from knowing that you did something really useful to help make things a little easier for someone else.

Get connected

Connect through us with other users, suppliers, or vendors to deliver those more complex solutions. The real benefit here comes from the awe-inspiring realisation that these solutions transcend all known boundaries and also knowing that the world truly is your oyster.

What people say

  • "Be the first to comment on our services."
  • "Be the first to comment on our services."
  • "Be the first to comment on our services."

Frequently asked questions

Is the help that people need not already out there?
Sure, the Internet is huge and much information is freely available too - but only if you are savvy and know precisely what to look for. We just help by making it much easier for people to locate this information and achieve their objectives!

Must I always raise a support ticket for assistance?
We mainly use the tickets by preference as they are often the best means for collecting sufficient information to provide the best response, however you can also just use the comment form in Contact Us or simply email askluci for some advice too!

Can I leave my name off the 'Hall of Flame'?
Of course! This is optional and only ever at your discretion!

If our service is essentially a free one, then how do we make money?
We earn our money when the occasional user of this portal requires a more professional approach for the more serious problems and engages us through our main services on the host website, i.e. acting as a consultant on your behalf where necessary, or being an arbiter between the supplier and a client to resolve a dispute.

Why use those very silly 'hot' list and 'hall of flame' motifs?
This is just a little frivolity that is a harmless way of taking a more simple approach to an otherwise mundane series of technical annoyances. The use of the name luci, short for lucifer, was 'earned' through the teasing manner through which the proprietor would engage co-workers and just became a 'tag' that was kind of hard to 'spend'!

About Us

"This is very much of a more personal service that came about specifically from the initial responses given to the users on my blog who kept asking for technical assistance to certain problems they had experienced.  I soon realised that there were far too-many other people who did not seem to be able to resolve those problems sufficiently-well and did feel that I could perhaps do even more personally to lend an assist, just as I have previously done throughout my own professional career."

"I am here to help people with their computing whether this be answering some both simple and more the complex questions, giving advice and making useful suggestions, or lobbying on your behalf if necessary.  I cannot do everything of course and my knowledge will obviously be limited outside of my own areas of expertise, however I will always try my absolute best or find other means to help assist too until such times that I can garner additional resources and build a permanent team to support operations!"

"The focus on the delivery of any solution should only ever be on the positive outcome as experienced by the user by giving them what they want, as opposed to the one that is usually presented by other institutions with different aims, and I will do all that can be done to remain true to this cause." (David Griffith)

You can make a donation to this PayPal Account if you would like to do so.

Terms & Conditions

We strongly believe in the confidentiality of all our users or any other persons that we are in contact with while using any of our services. We fully respect the rights of privacy and will not disclose your identity or pass on any information relating to you personally without your express permission, and then only when this is absolutely necessary too!

No Fees
askluci is a free service and although we do sometimes welcome a small contribution to help keep this service running, this is neither a necessity nor a pre-condition prior to the receiving of any assistance from us. In the event of having to engage a third party to act on your behalf, as part of a proper consultation or commissioning a project of any kind using our other core services, all parties will be made aware of the respective charges and collective fees and any conditions that may exist!

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(A full copy of our values can be found here.)

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